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Donating to Madinah College is a way to develop the next generation of Muslims who will make a positive difference in the UK

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We haven’t held an on-site seminar with the scholars for a while. Your donations will help fund and deliver the activities, facilities and equipment needed to ensure the college continues running!

Students / Graduates

Support Madinah College in their aim to produce the next generation of scholars and students of knowledge. Donations will be used to fund students of Madinah College on their path to seeking beneficial knowledge so that they can teach it and ultimately benefit our community.


The growth of social media has meant that Madinah College will need to diversify its methods of disseminating Islamic knowledge. Your donations will be used to fund new equipment so that Madinah College can maximise social media and cater to the needs of Muslims today by releasing online content regularly.

Instructors / Scholars

The instructors are the inheritors of knowledge. It is upon us to honour them, accompany them and benefit from them. Madinah College connects Muslims to the great scholars of our time. Your donations will fund classes, lectures and seminars delivered by the scholars so Muslims can benefit immensely.


Being a Muslim is difficult, but being a Muslimah is even more so. Your donations will help Madinah Coffeehouse build an environment and safe space for our Muslim sisters to seek knowledge, spend time in righteous companionship and serve the wider Muslim community. 


Madinah College offers a wide range of beneficial courses and programmes available both in person and online. Your donations will be used to facilitate these courses and programmes so that Islamic education remains at a high standard. Funding will help purchase course materials, books, texts and much more!



Donate to improve the facilities which unlocks the path of knowledge, accommodates the scholars and serves the students

materials / books

Donate to contribute to the Madinah College Library which holds invaluable gems of knowledge! Funds will help provide materials, books and texts to our students. 


"Those who believe, and do deeds of righteousness, and establish regular prayers and regular charity, will have their reward with their Lord. On them shall be no fear, nor shall they grieve"


Support the College

Donating to Madinah College is a way to develop the next generation of Muslims who will make a positive difference in the UK.