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Embark on a profound journey with our one-year Foundation Arabic and Islamic Studies course! This complete curriculum offers an immersive exploration of the Arabic language and foundational tenets of Islam. The Arabic element utilizes the “Gateway to Arabic” Book 1 and 2, ensuring an all-encompassing comprehension of the language’s grammar and vocabulary. The Islamic Studies element shines a spotlight on crucial facets of Islam, encompassing Tawheed and Fiqh, and the examination of chosen Hadiths. This course is designed as an essential step for those beginners seeking expertise in Arabic and elementary knowledge of Islam.

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Additional information

This course is best for anyone with no previous knowledge of Arabic as the course will start from the Arabic Alphabet. 

Assessment Techniques: Evaluation will rely on active participation, assignments, and tests to assess students’ grasp of the course material and their ability to utilize learned concepts and skills.

Necessary Materials: Students must obtain the “Gateway to Arabic” Book 1 and 2. We will provide additional course resources as required.

Course Regulations: Students must actively participate, timely submit assignments, maintain academic integrity, and comply with all other course regulations.

This course plan provides a general guideline; adjustments may be needed based on the teacher’s judgment, institutional rules, or unexpected events.

Learning Path

Arabic Basics: Gateway to Arabic Book 1

– Mastering the Arabic Alphabet and Diacritical Marks

– Nunation and Sun and Moon Letters

– Short and Long Vowels

– Basic Arabic Reading and Writing


Arabic Basics: Gateway to Arabic Book 2

– Understanding Grammar and Sentence Composition

– Enhancing Vocabulary (350+ Words)

– Grasping Gender, Adjectives, and Prepositions

– Interrogative Particles and Sentence Construction

– Comprehending Countries and Nationalities in Arabic

– Comprehending and Translating Short Arabic Texts


Islamic Studies: Tawheed

– Understanding Core and Various Types of Tawheed

– Importance of Tawheed in Historical and Present-day Muslim Societies


Islamic Studies: Fiqh

– Grasping Acts of Worship and Their Jurisprudence

– Studying Linguistic and Sharia Aspects of Fiqh


Islamic Studies: Hadiths

– Understanding, Reciting, and Memorizing Chosen Hadiths

– Impact of Hadiths on Islamic Practices

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