Established in 2016, Madinah College London stands at the forefront of Islamic education, catering to a diverse community of learners with a wide range of offerings in Arabic language, Islamic studies, and Quran courses. As an institution nestled in the heart of South London, we are driven by a deep-seated commitment to create an impact, not just in our local community, but on a national scale.

Madinah College London is a robust educational organisation, boasting three departments dedicated to Arabic language, Quran studies, and Islamic studies. Our curriculum is meticulously crafted to offer a comprehensive exploration of Islamic sciences, setting us on a path to becoming a leading educational institute in the country.

We envision ourselves as more than just a place of learning; we are a catalyst for change and a beacon of knowledge. We aim to ignite a passion for Islamic learning in our community, providing tailored courses that stand out for their exceptional quality and the unique blend of tradition and innovation that underpins our teaching philosophy.

Our faculty comprises some of the most qualified educators in the world, many of whom are graduates from the esteemed Madinah Islamic University. Their profound understanding of the Arabic language and Islamic sciences contributes to our uncompromising standards of education, making learning a truly immersive experience at our institution.

In addition to our structured and engaging study programme for children at our Saturday Arabic school, we host regular conferences and seminars. These events feature visiting scholars and ulemaa from across the Muslim world, providing thought-provoking insights and discussions.

We firmly believe in investing in the future of Islamic education. To this end, we promote students to become trainee teachers, helping them forge a path in the world of academia.

At Madinah College London, we welcome learners from all walks of life, irrespective of their prior knowledge or skills. We offer courses at every level, from beginners to advanced learners, ensuring that everyone finds a place in our diverse learning community.

Join us on this journey of knowledge and discovery. Welcome to Madinah College London

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